Shudan 12 Guardians Animated series – Trailer

I was deputy supervisor and lead lighter on this lovely little job. I was also responsible for character and environment modelling. I will detail the shots I directly produced.

Shot 2 (2 dudes in car) Lighting and Texturing

Shot 3 (girl running) Lighting and texturing

Shot 6 (Panther Jumping off crates) Panther model and texture

Shot 8 (boy in front of computer screen) Light and Texture

Shot 10 (boy at desk) Light and render

Shot 19 (Pull into LIM building) Lighting and render

Shot 25 (Motorbikes) Bikes modelled and texture, Lighting and render

Shot 27 (Roller skaters) Lighting

Shot 32 (Hoverbus) Lighting

Shot 40 (Creature hit by bus) Creature Modelled and textured