Happy Hour

Projects Produced at Happy Hour Productions, Bristol

UCAS Promo animation 2014 (web)

strut your stuff
strut your stuff
Produced at Happy Hour productions in Bristol, this short sales animated web sales tool for UCAS took 5 weeks to produce.
I was the CG lead / supervisor, it was directed and produced by Gareth Owen.
All the character and secondary animation was completed by Andrew Mills in 2 weeks and the 2D animated sequences were done by Elaine Bound.
The Character was rigged by David Brooks in just a day and a half.
I produced all the modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and comp.
Rendered using Redshift 3d and comped it in AfterEffects.

Totally Money TV ad 2015

Produced at Happy Hour Productions in Bristol.
I was the lead artist on this job, although I only had one animator working with Totally_Main_production_still_ame. Produced in 4 weeks, I modelled, rigged, textured, animated, rendered and composited this one .
Using Maya, Redshift3d renderer, AfterEffects and of course Photoshop.
Animation Mikey Ford, Pete Bailey
Sound Owen Peters
Also involved with the production were – Elaine Bound, Dave Tatchell
Dir Gareth Owen
Producer Jake Gorton

Dave Gorman, Modernlife is Goodish, Title animation

Dave Gorman animation still
Dave Gorman animation still

Produced in Bristol at Happy Hour Productions
This short title animation took around 4 weeks to produce with a 2 person team and Gareth Owen producing.
The bulk of the work was created by Chris Rabet whilst I was responsible for the majority of the modelling and texturing.
Gareth Owen was on Production & Direction Duties

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Sofa Sofa TV ad

Sofa Sofa TV Commercial, completed in December 2010 for Happy Hour Productions in Bristol.

The animation was produced by me and Scott Pleydell-Pearce, taking around 4 weeks to produce.

Credits –

  • Animation & Design – Scott Pleydell-Pearce
  • Models, textures and lighting – Mikey Ford
  • Final comp – Mikey Ford
  • Producer – Tom George
  • Sound – Happy Hour

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