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UCAS Promo animation 2014 (web)

strut your stuff
strut your stuff
Produced at Happy Hour productions in Bristol, this short sales animated web sales tool for UCAS took 5 weeks to produce.
I was the CG lead / supervisor, it was directed and produced by Gareth Owen.
All the character and secondary animation was completed by Andrew Mills in 2 weeks and the 2D animated sequences were done by Elaine Bound.
The Character was rigged by David Brooks in just a day and a half.
I produced all the modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and comp.
Rendered using Redshift 3d and comped it in AfterEffects.

Totally Money TV ad 2015

Produced at Happy Hour Productions in Bristol.
I was the lead artist on this job, although I only had one animator working with Totally_Main_production_still_ame. Produced in 4 weeks, I modelled, rigged, textured, animated, rendered and composited this one .
Using Maya, Redshift3d renderer, AfterEffects and of course Photoshop.
Animation Mikey Ford, Pete Bailey
Sound Owen Peters
Also involved with the production were – Elaine Bound, Dave Tatchell
Dir Gareth Owen
Producer Jake Gorton

Shudan 12 Guardians Animated series – Trailer

I was deputy supervisor and lead lighter on this lovely little job. I was also responsible for character and environment modelling. I will detail the shots I directly produced.

Shot 2 (2 dudes in car) Lighting and Texturing

Shot 3 (girl running) Lighting and texturing

Shot 6 (Panther Jumping off crates) Panther model and texture

Shot 8 (boy in front of computer screen) Light and Texture

Shot 10 (boy at desk) Light and render

Shot 19 (Pull into LIM building) Lighting and render

Shot 25 (Motorbikes) Bikes modelled and texture, Lighting and render

Shot 27 (Roller skaters) Lighting

Shot 32 (Hoverbus) Lighting

Shot 40 (Creature hit by bus) Creature Modelled and textured











Dave Gorman, Modernlife is Goodish, Title animation

Dave Gorman animation still
Dave Gorman animation still

Produced in Bristol at Happy Hour Productions
This short title animation took around 4 weeks to produce with a 2 person team and Gareth Owen producing.
The bulk of the work was created by Chris Rabet whilst I was responsible for the majority of the modelling and texturing.
Gareth Owen was on Production & Direction Duties

[vsw id=”74395297″ source=”vimeo” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


Tankardstown Mine 3D Scan & Survey

Using the scanner deep under ground
Using the scanner deep under ground


Sunday 22nd September saw me embarking on an interesting and challenging project.

Working with Deri Jones of, we set about Surveying and 3D lasar scanning of Tankardstown Mine in Co. Waterford, Ireland. coppercoastgeopark

The project was very much a ‘hands on’ process, where we found ourselves underground for 3 days using a Faro 3D Laser Scanner  and a Leica Total Station to produce a very detailed and accurate map of the mines. I will then use the point cloud data (PREVIOUS EXAMPLE FROM DJA HERE), produced from the lasar scanner to create a 3D visualization of the above ground workings at the mine head.

Panorama photographs
Panorama photographs

Also as part of the project, Deri is producing interesting panorama images of the major features above and below ground, an example of which can be found HERE

Inset into these panorama’s will be ‘clickable’ more detail sections of the site to add depth and information to this innovative image format.

Mineral & bacterial deposits
Mineral & bacterial deposits inset

The whole process was made bearable and even enjoyable with the company, guidance and tolerance of our underground Mines expert, Hugh Ratzer.

And the local knowledge of Sean Corcoran of The Art Hand, and Brian Fleming were, of course, invaluable.

More images on my Flickr stream HERE

Yazino “Wheel Deal” 3d assets design

Working with Yazino Social gaming in London, I produced some of the design assets for their most popular cross platform game SLOTS – Wheel Deal

Working alongside the coding team, the lead in the art department and the head of production, we streamlined the pipeline between the departments to radically overhaul the game look and feel by adding dynamic animation and producing realistic 3d renders for the game play.

Wheel Deal App store logo

I was responsible for the all of the 3d rendered assets of the game and work directly with the art director.

The game was produced of many months, but the designs I was working on took around 2 months to produce.





NHS Wales Flu bugs

[vsw id=”54238050″ source=”vimeo” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

NHS Wales flu jab indents, shown on ITV Wales during the 2012-13 flu season.

Flu bugs in deep water

Directed by Gareth Owen, animation by Campbell McAllister and Rosie Ashforth. Models, lighting and comp by Campbell Mcallister and Mikey Ford.
Produced at Happy Hour Productions ltd, Bristol, UK.